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#489 – Journey Of Attachment: Why Can’t You Allow He or She To Be Who They Are?

You feel like you need to “fix” other people. Do you spend a lot of your time and energy focused on the other people in your life? Maybe you rehearse what you need to say, so you get the reactions you want. You might even think there is an issue and plan out how you’ll react to them. Maybe you spend hours planning your actions, always trying to control the situation.

Whether this happens behind a computer screen on social media or to your significant other, when you focus on fixing someone else’s flaws, you’re avoiding your own. Controlling someone else just helps you avoid what’s going on inside.

You can waste your life focused on someone else’s or you can start to focus on your own and why you need others to be how you want them. In this episode, you’ll learn how to take action for yourself, and focus on what you can do for YOU.

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