#431 – Journey Of Attachment: Having Two Lovers at Once Isn’t All Fun and Games!

Almost half of my clients come to me engaged in two intimate relationships, and they are in pain. Shame and attachment for the person who feels stuck inside of each relationship means a roller coaster of emotions: guilt, anxiety, intimacy, freedom. This podcast is not about the person who is on the receiving end of their partner being unfaithful, it is for those who are drowning in their situation. For most people, the original intent when entering one relationship is not to find someone else to bring into the commitment, but it happens. It then becomes about blame, making someone into the bad guy (whether it is the faithful/faithless) and when I work with people it is about getting them dislodged from two relationships and into one with themselves.

The people who show up on my doorstep do not have a long-suffering mate, they have a stalemate. Meaning they are in a position to be there not out of love but out of some duty they feel is difficult to unwind.

As we all know looking for your happiness in someone else isn’t a permanent solution, usually, it is a catalyst to break wide open the dysfunction that is going on in the primary relationship. It is a time to then really get your own motivation, the situation created which means to either grow into being emotionally mature or stay stuck in emotional adolescence. You are the one who is making your choices, no one else is to blame or to be held responsible and that can be a gamechanger when you own it openly.

If you’re ready to end the pain of being attached in two relationships, the key is confronting your attachment issues and unlocking your authentic self, rather than staying in this cycle of hell. Learn what it takes to make a major change in today’s episode.

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