Narcissist parents

#405 – Journey of Attachment: My Narcissist Parent(s)

People who are beyond anxious and can also be characterized as ambivalent, avoidant, disordered, etc., may have been raised by a narcissist parent. These are people-pleasing perfectionists who lack self-trust and tend to hide out because of guilt, shame or fear. They don’t feel connected to their achievements even if they work incredibly hard, and are definitely insecurely attached when it comes to relationships. They may feel defective and worthless even though they wear a mask that projects confidence and value. So how does all of this relate to a narcissistic parent, and what can be done about it?

You learn how to handle (or NOT handle) feelings from your parents, including the giving and receiving of love. If your perception of yourself as a child was invalidated, you may be riddled with self-doubt as an adult. Perfectionism is about avoiding criticism, which you probably endured from a narcissistic parent. Maybe you felt weird, different or unlovable. As an adult, the inner critic keeps all of this alive and well. However, being raised by a narcissist doesn’t mean you are doomed to a life of pain and insignificance. While your upbringing has a huge impact on who you are, you still have a choice in how you want to live. You can experience joy if you are determined to get to let go of the toxicity you were raised in and arrive at a better place.

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