#385- Journey of Attachment: The Attachment to Obstacles

Obstacles provide fantastic excuses for staying stuck: “He’ll leave his wife when his youngest graduates,” or “She will be ready to commit once she is financially secure.” By sacrificing yourself and putting what you want on hold, do you hope to eventually be rewarded with the relationship you want? Do you fantasize about him/her saying, “Screw it, the kids will get over it. Let’s do this!”? When you hide behind obstacles, you avoid dealing with your deeper fears of rejection, abandonment or being alone.

Suppose your partner moves away and you can’t handle a long-distance relationship so you keep asking him/her to move back. Sometimes he/she talks about returning at some point in the future, but other times suggests you both move on. You are so focused on removing the obstacle (distance), you don’t realize you’re living in a fantasy of how things would be if you lived in the same zip code. So you hold onto hope, continuing with a relationship you are both afraid to let go of. If you are in a relationship with a giant obstacle, look at how you romanticize it. Obstacles provide a comfortable barrier to intimacy, leaving you wanting what you can’t have. And unfortunately, removing them usually doesn’t solve the problem… because the real problem hides behind the obstacle.






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