#374- Stop Chasing Happiness

Do you believe happiness exists outside of you? That once your partner FINALLY gets a clue, or you lose 10 pounds or you get that promotion or you buy that house, you’ll be happy? You think if you work hard at achieving your goals, you’ll be rewarded with happiness. Sure, you may get to where you’re going, but does that mean happiness will follow? Nope. Happiness is not a butterfly. It’s the caterpillar, the cocoon and the chrysalis; it’s the whole transformative journey.

If you feel like happiness is elusive, you’re probably chasing a butterfly. It doesn’t come from trying really hard or projecting a certain image or acting as-if; it comes from letting go and being present. You can spend years doing things that are “supposed” to be fun without ever experiencing it. I look back with regret on girls’ trips and relationships that I wasn’t truly present for. I thought they would be game-changers when it came to finding happiness, but they never were. Now I have learned to slow down and open up instead of rushing through life and disconnecting from my feelings. Your happiness is your responsibility, so instead of chasing something externally and waiting for the universe to reward your hard work, take an active role to seek out what you feel connected to.






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