#366- It’s All About Me, Me, Me

You may walk around with the fear of being called out or criticized. You want to be seen how you think you are, it’s a lot of work to try and control what you cannot. It’s as though you are constantly playing Monopoly, making it a mission to buy all the properties and negotiate for what you need. So tiring when your life is this way too. Self-protective and self-absorbed–I need to take care of me, me, me through working on my image, so I cannot be faulted. Ugh.

Self-absorption—everything outside of me is about me—its how I define myself. I assume and I personalize, so that I am above anyone thinking I have done wrong. I need to stay one step ahead. Even if this seems unfamiliar to you, as in you do not see yourself operating this way (but maybe you see it a teeny bit–that’s okay–listen in), do you know anyone like this?

You cannot handle for anyone to think poorly of you. This is what it looks like when you are looking for others to help you to feel whole, because you do not feel that way just being you. You will stop obsessing about yourself when you realize you are just okay being you. Not easy to do, but very rewarding. So, what can you stop worrying about when it comes to the fear of the opinion of others? Tune into my podcast and get some tips on how to drop this schtick and enjoy your life without worrying what others have to say about you.






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