#362- Rules in Relationships: WTF is Compromise?

Do you think other people should bend to what you want? To satisfy your way of doing things or perform the way you want? You may have this expectation without realizing the rules you are creating: it’s too late to make plans, we can’t talk on the phone more than once/week, etc. In relationships, this usually creates pain. Rules are related to control because you don’t trust yourself to be in a flow with your partner. They also result from a lack of healthy boundaries. Needing things to be a certain way creates a false sense of security. Instead of relying on rules, allow for compromise. This isn’t about compromising your values or who you are; it’s about finding a middle ground that works for both of you.

When you find yourself putting your foot down, unwilling to compromise, ask yourself what your goal is. Are you trying to control the other person? If so, why? What are you trying to protect yourself from? If you feel like you have to be strict with how you interact with someone because you’re afraid of being taken advantage of, ask why you choose rules over honesty. Rules are not the path to developing deeper connections with people. When you are authentic and speak your truth, you can compromise without sacrificing yourself or your values.






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