#345- Journey of Attachment: It’s Easier to Ignore My Feelings

#345- Journey of Attachment: It’s Easier to Ignore My Feelings

#345- Journey of Attachment: It’s Easier to Ignore My Feelings

Feelings are messy. They cause disagreements, fights, problems, etc. You think it’s easier to just compartmentalize, ignore or numb them… but can you? Imagine for a moment that you set aside your uncomfortable feelings. Then what? If you go along to get along, will life be rosy? If you cease to have an opinion and agree with whatever anyone says, will everyone be happier? You may think it’s easier to acquiesce, but it comes at a great cost to you. When you shove your feelings aside, you disconnect from part of yourself. You teach yourself that your feelings don’t have value.

If you were invalidated as a kid, believing your feelings were wrong, you might develop a pattern of masking them because it’s easier. But feelings don’t vanish because you want them to, no matter how much you push them down. Denying them for the sake of others builds anger and contributes to your existing pile of negative emotions. Your feelings will make other people unhappy at times, and that’s ok. You don’t have control over those people, but you DO have control over your own well-being. Honor your emotions and allow them.

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