#340- Are You Doing What You Love?

“Are you doing what you love?” is not a simple question, nor is it a magical road without potholes. People complain all the time about being unhappy in their job or relationship, yet do nothing about it. Complaining is easy; action is very uncomfortable. If you don’t believe in yourself you may be waiting for someone to tell you that you’re good enough, or to give you permission to jump. Playing the waiting game is fear-based. Do you want to live from a place of fear or a place of love?

If you don’t want the same life, you have to do something different. There is no other way. Fear and negative beliefs hold you back much more than any external factor, so once you identify your internal obstacles, you can work though them. Otherwise you’ll be talking about the same dream to the same friends who secretly roll their eyes at you. They want to be supportive, but they are tired of hearing what you want, and then watching you do nothing to have it. Taking action is hard, so start small. What do you enjoy that you’re not doing right now? Go in that direction. If you feel a lack of confidence, be ok with it and take action from that place. Do what you love with NO confidence and from there it will build. It’s your life. What exactly are you waiting for?






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