#307- Journey of Attachment: Where Did All The Good Men Go? A Conversation With My Hubs

Welcome to another podcast with my husband! The flood gates have opened. This time we’re talking about emotional availability and what an emotionally available man looks for in a woman. Of course the first part of that equation is that YOU have to be emotionally available because you attract people exactly where you are. If you aren’t open, it can feel like the well is dry. Yep, it’s about you. It’s about what you’re putting out there and what you’re open to. Once you start opening up, the available people appear. They really do.

In our conversation, Dave and I will talk about our dating profiles and early dating (i.e. what we put out there). We’ll discuss what stood out for each other and what we were drawn too. I’ll ask what made him reach out to me, and when he knew he wanted a second date. Was he ever afraid of scaring me off? You hear my perspective all the time, so now I’m bringing you the other side! We’ll talk about red flags, dating rules and turn-offs. I’ll also ask him a few questions I received via Facebook and email. If you think there aren’t enough “good ones” left, it’s because you aren’t open to them. Start by breaking your rules—the conscious AND unconscious ones. Rules and strategies equals closed. Vulnerability and paying attention to how you feel equals open. Keep opening and the well will fill with possibilities.






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