#283- Journey of Attachment: What Do You Really Fear?

You think you’re afraid of losing a relationship, job, friendship, money… losing something. But what if I told you your fear isn’t what you think it is? That actually, it’s not about the actual loss. It’s your feelings around the loss you’re afraid of. It’s not your fear of being alone. It’s how you’re going to feel about being alone and what that says about you; how you might be judged. So instead of facing that fear, you stay in an attached relationship. You avoid the feelings around what you fear, but end up creating the circumstances to support it.

Your fear is about the future. It’s about what you THINK will happen and the feelings associated with that. But that fear keeps you stuck. It can be paralyzing and the only way out of the trap is to step into the fear. Put yourself in that scenario and ride it all the way to the end, then connect with those feelings. If you end up alone with 12 cats, feel what that would be like. If you fear being judged by others, feel the anticipated ridicule. You’ll likely find that what you fear is actually something you can handle. And once you can accept whatever outcome may happen, you set yourself free.


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