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Group Coaching

The Answer: Total Transformation

You have it all, well, almost all! There’s a lump of coal in your relationships. Whether you have high anxiety when it comes to fearing loss or in getting too close, this program is for you. Personal Transformation for the high-performer, you are going to work your ass off for what you want! Not only can you expect great things in how you feel about your personal life, you can expect great things in what you’re capable of having. It’s why this is called The Answer. In 12 short weeks, it’s the answer for what emotionally ails you. It’s putting the emotional pedal to the metal, you will transform into who you always imagined you are deep down inside and love the sh*t out of yourself for it!

Group results experienced:
• Reduced Anxiety
• Make better choices in relationships
• Happier regardless of what on the exterior happens.
• Improved well being
• Be more authentic everywhere (no more chameleon)
• Relieve Impostor Syndrome, Insecure Attachment, Drama Triangle et al.

Please make sure before submitting an application that you are emotionally ready for coaching and able to invest in your transformation.

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1-on-1 Coaching

Inclusive Radical Change Program

Hi, I’m your new best friend. I have limited time to bring on anyone for this elite deep dive into your psyche, so be ready to make change! We’re going to travel into the dark, hidden places inside of you and transform your life. I expect total commitment because I want an excellent life for you. You have to want it as much as I do! Time to slay fear, trust your emotions and live without the limitations you’ve placed in your personal life. Working with me means no excuses, because who has time for that? Not you and not me. Let’s have some fun and transform!

1-on-1 clients have experienced:
• Anxiety eliminated
• Being out of pain and in charge of their personal lives
• Conquering Impostor Syndrome, Insecure Attachment, Drama Triangle et al.
• Daily feeling of deep joy and happiness
• Becoming emotionally resilient and emotionally available

Please make sure before submitting an application that you are emotionally ready for coaching and able to invest in your transformation.

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What it’s like to work with me


Before doing this work, I was a boat without a rudder, sailing around in my head without any real direction.  I was in relationship that was controlling me, feeling trapped. I am attempting to do more the solve a problem but rebuild my framework for what a healthy relationship should feel like.  I have been in a relationship for a long time that has had an impact on my overall well-being.  Prior to working with Tracy, I had worked with a psychologist, which was helpful, but found Tracy to be more spot on as it relates to why the and how’s in relationship. What Tracy offered was different. I listened to Tracy’s podcasts first, I was often taken aback about how she made the confusing and painful seem simple and less painful.  She has a way of looking at things would resonate in a simple yet effective way.  A lot of what I have discovered in this work and the biggest problems in my relationships have been my relationship with myself. Changes emotionally I have undergone is first, I am still a work in progress! But I have become less dramatic, been able to face a lot of what I was scared about before.  I have changed how I show up in my relationships, as being way more honest in what I want and believe I need.  I am still working on the fear that is deep rooted in me, but it’s getting better.  My relationships with others continue to be more and more about the way I treat myself.  The main reason I would recommend this work to another person is to obtain a perspective from a coach that understands the issues like a true expert. I often question how she knows so much, but she does.  With every turn and twist, Tracy is able to break it down into its simplest form to create clarity.  It’s not easy working with Tracy, the work is hard, but it’s productive.

David Rubin

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