To start, you can click a button below for more information or set up an appointment for an information session through my assistant, just click the link below. An information Session will explore what is going on with you and a few details in your situation which are propelling you to look for a solution to your pain. In the conversation, you will hear the solution to your issues and what will suit you best.

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Ready To Invest In The Highest and Most Intense Transformation!  Are you an over-achiever, perfectionist, who’s worked hard at change but still have pain, numbness, anxiety, etc? Maybe you are in a mega-pain and want to feel good in your relationships. You’re ready to receive focused + exclusive attention all geared to your mega-transformation! This is for you!

You are ready to get to the nitty gritty and do whatever it takes to get to see yourself transform in a way that I guarantee you have never experienced. This will kick your ass and give you the gift of happiness, confidence and eliminate your anxiety PLUS you will be ready for THE healthiest relationship! Your emotional state belongs to you, stop letting everything outside of you control it.


Ready for change, but looking for something a little less intense and easier on the pocketbook; I get your life is pretty busy and investing in yourself often does not come first. You might be a single parent, a student, work at a challenging job or not have the extra bandwith or budget to go BIG, but still want to massively change your life? This is for you!

Isn’t it time to transform your life? The question for you is what is the continued cost of the pain you are in and its impact to your entire life? How many years has it impacted your job, your finances, your love life and other relationships? You deserve to feel good and as soon as you even slightly believe that, then you are ready to do something about it; join me and let’s change your life from the inside out.


You want change, but you prefer more of a DIY approach! Cool, this is the way to begin to get moving in that direction! You will answer to you, but be adopting the tools I have available to change your WHOLE life (and all those situationships you may have found yourself in).

This is my 30 day program DIY, where you will keep yourself accountable. It will start you on the road to changing what felt impossible to change in the past! Everyone who has taken it has experienced change! This is foundational work to changing your beliefs, patterns, rules, stories and life. It will change your perspective and how you feel!

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Cancellation Policy

Once scheduled, you may move a session to another date within 48 hours of appointment time. After 48 hours no changes can be made. Please note, while Information Sessions are complimentary, time is set aside, so I respectfully request at least 24-hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me!