For those who want more from my podcast than just listening

I love doing podcasts, and they will continue to be free as long as people listen. Some tune in on their commute to/from work, while they walk, as they cook or even in the shower (yes, someone confessed that to me!). For many, listening is enough and I’m grateful I’m able to reach people in this way.
For others, they want to apply these topics to their own lives and increase their level of self-awareness. The more awareness you have, the more dots you can connect… “Oh THAT’S why I do that!” 

Simply Abundant VIP Podcast Group takes you to that next level. It builds off my weekly podcasts to go deeper so you can start breaking those old patterns that keep you stuck. There are two levels available, depending on how deep you want to go.
Have you ever listened to my podcast, made some mental notes, then totally forgotten a few hours later? This happens a lot when reading books as well. We want every bit to sink in, but unless it’s reinforced, much is lost.
A great way to reinforce material is to absorb it in multiple ways (i.e. listening AND reading). For this reason… and because people keep requesting it… transcripts will now be available to group participants. In some of my podcasts I include tips or action items that you want to remember. A written transcript allows you to highlight key points and make notes, then refer back to it later.

Building upon the transcripts, Level Two participants will receive an action item (which may be additional tips, exercises, assignments, etc.), to further increase awareness and start moving toward different choices and actions. You will also have direct access to me each month with a 45-minute Q&A call. Ask questions about the podcasts, tips and exercises, or share discoveries and stumbling blocks. It’s a group call, so even if you don’t participate, you’ll get something from it. All calls will be recorded and available for download.
The last component of Level Two is what I like to call “Story Time” where clients share their own journey related to one of the podcast topics that month. We all learn by listening to others, which is why most of you tune in to my podcast—to hear how I have gone from attached, stuck and miserable to happy. Now you’ll have the opportunity to hear from those who have worked with me, providing a different perspective, insight and tips based on what has helped move them forward. Each audio recording will be 15-20 minutes long.

Community is extremely important, especially when learning about yourself because it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one thinking, feeling or acting a certain way. Being part of a community where everyone is on a journey, listening to the same material, can provide an incredible boost. It will be moderated by myself and my team of coaches, providing a safe space to share challenges, ask questions and receive support. From time to time we will also pose questions or call for comments to help you dig even deeper within yourselves. 


transcripts Full, written versions of each weekly podcast

private facebook group BONUS! Learn, share, get support

Group Q&A calls Your questions, answered by Tracy

"Story Time" & Action Items Learn from the journeys of others, then further increase awareness and move toward action with weekly exercises.

 “I listen to your podcast on my way home from work and I’m really enjoying it! You are nailing all this stuff, and everything you talk about is so appropriate to what we all deal with (yet don’t even know we’re dealing with!). I’m personally getting a lot out of it, especially around valuing yourself and tuning into your feelings as they happen so you can catch yourself in the act of repeating patterns. Good stuff!”

- Laura


“Tracy!!! Thank you so much! Iʻve been listening to the attachment podcast series and am resonating with that as well as what you say about scarcity. I am already making progress on some small, but important actions in my life.”
- Kallie 
“Big Love to you. Once again you key in on exactly to what's going on with me. You helped me see my attachment and get out of a toxic relationship (it's been almost a year!). But illusion has crept back in and I'm having trouble cutting that ‘steel umbilical cord’.”
- Eric
"Tracy, your podcasts are so damn effective. You don't let us get away with thinking it's about "them". And you reiterate it constantly, which means it's now the first thing I remember when I start going down that emotional path. I mean seriously, I found your material less than a week ago, and it's been more helpful than several years of therapy. You go!"
- Em Jaye

Level 1

  • * Transcripts
  • BONUS: Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Six-month package available


per month


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  • Get three months of Level 2 at Level 1 pricing! 


3 months


Level 2

  • * Transcripts
  • * 45-minute monthly Q&A group call w/ Tracy
  • * Weekly Action Item
  • * "Story Time" Audios
  • BONUS: Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Six-month package available


per month