The Impact Of Being Honest

The Impact Of Being Honest


Most of us live in stories.

Heck, as human beings, we love a good story! One we relate to in some fashion, whether it’s our own experiences or something fantastical, making the impossible appear real.

The issue with the stories we tell ourselves is their limitations. We may not dare to stretch beyond the confines of it because it’s scary, or we feel unworthy or somehow undeserving.

And we stay stuck.

I had a multi-nuanced stuck story around dating, just like most of the b.s. we feed ourselves.

I always thought I was different, a bit odd, hard to love. In contrast, even though I was weird, I was special and unique. For years I thought I was perfect (measured in what I gave to others–not because I believed I was amazing), but on the other hand, I felt I was easily discarded.

All this contradiction came from my self-evaluation. My story stemmed from a place of unworthiness, judging myself harshly (as I used to do) and holding everyone and everything to a crazy-ass expectation!

Can you relate?

I had an epiphany around dating: People meet you exactly where you are with yourself.

I saw myself on an old first date. I was engaging, nice, interacting  (Hell, I was in sales for years. I know what to ask!) and usually asked out on a second date. It was my goal: Make it so they like me and then I’ll hook em’!

Hahahahaha.. I laugh at this image now. I sure wasn’t honest back then!


The b.s. part is that I could show up as emotionally unavailable (exactly where I was), and lo’ and behold, after the guy was done chasing me, I found out he was emotionally unavailable too! What a surprise! Not.

That epiphany hit home on a very deep level. People meet you exactly where you are, so the next time you want to finger point, put your finger back in your pocket.

My story was based in fear.

The fear of engulfment, rejection, losing independence, not believing I was lovable and so on. Lying kept me stuck in this vicious circle for years.

I didn’t realize I was lying. It was just the story I always told myself, until I came to realize how lonely, disappointing and draining it was to live and date this way.

Man, I was so scared!

It’s no wonder I talked myself into half-relationships, or “soulmate” situations with high drama. Staying in this heightened state of pain with few euphoric moments kept me in the biggest lie of all; the biggest story I could tell myself so I could be the victim and the heroine at the same time…

And the biggest lie was: this is all I deserved.

It was not like a movie with its romantic drama; it didn’t get tied up with a neat little happy ending. It was an unraveling, leading to a new awareness.

This new awareness was around my b.s. stories that said, “I’m meant to be alone,” or as a friend said to me years ago, “I think you’re here on a spiritual journey and aren’t meant for a relationship.” (Um, our greatest spiritual lessons come from relationships–staying alone actually keeps us stunted in our comfort zone).

Do you get what I’m throwing down? Do you get that our lives are based on our choices, our perspective of ourselves and what we deserve?

When I started working with my dating coach, I’d found that I had already moved into deeper awareness. Just the act of hiring her and committing to myself lead to this epiphany, something I heard a million times, but never really got emotionally.

The impact of being honest about my past patterns of dating lead me to the discovery of choice, empowerment and re-imagining what was possible for me.

As I took more responsibility for my part, and how I acted in fear, I could see the contrast of what was now feasible by trusting myself. Trusting the Universe lead to believing anything truly is possible!

Want to be released from the prison of limitation? Commit to changing your story.

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2 thoughts on “The Impact Of Being Honest

  1. paul - January 17, 2016 at 5:16 pm

    Hi Tracy,
    Not sure I agree. If people meet me where I meet myself that would presuppose that I would meet them where they meet themselves . How can someone see something in me if they haven’t first met it within themselves ? If I’m at a “higher vibration” , how could they meet me there if they’re not. Maybe there’s some subtle entrainment that happens on an unconscious level but the way I see it is, they can meet me to the degree that they’ve met themselves. I think. lol All the best, Paul

    • Tracy - January 17, 2016 at 7:52 pm

      Hey Paul! Great to hear from you. I understand what you’re saying, there’s always the unconscious in all of us. I also get how a person who is aware will realize they are meeting someone (where they are), if they already have met themselves. I agree. For someone who has no awareness, this person will not understand their own power of choice (so they will go forth into a relationship based off chemistry, etc. only) and a self-aware, empowered person would….

      I look at it from the subconscious,as the holder of our core false beliefs and pattens, even with awareness (which I believe I am self-aware and still have some false core beliefs in there) and releasing many….there are still 1000s. And so no matter what your vibration, it is still a matter of awareness. Always. Just because you may have a ‘different’ vibration, you may still pull in those who you have in the past (because you still have the matter of attachment style from childhood, which is also in your vibration), it is then up to you to act from the space of awareness and choice.

      I’m laughing, as I read your comment and re-read mine, because it’s almost like a rhyme. Anyways, whether we proceed from the point of meeting is really where the difference can be made.

      On a side note, I did an interesting exercise given to me by my coach….and what had already been clear on this topic to me, became ‘crystal’ clear. I hope you’re doing well and thank you Paul. 🙂


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