Written By Cristina DiMeglio


I was tidying up my bookshelf and came across a coloring book an old friend had given me. On the inside page was a lovely little note saying “Dear Princess, never forget to play!”

I read it, smiled, then a big part of me was torn open.  I realized in that moment how much I do in fact forget to play.  Determined, I took a drive down to the local store to get crayons so I could color.  As a kid, coloring for me used to be a sort of therapy.  My mother would buy these huge coloring books and a few times a week, we would sit together at the kitchen table after dinner and choose two pages we could color together. It was relaxing and always so much fun!

Thinking about this on my mission for crayons, my thoughts played dominoes and tumbled one after the other. Where else can I play? My mind was percolating. Well, those paint bars are opening up everywhere now and I know I would love that. Or how about a pottery class? A dance class?  By the time I was on line to pay, I made a mental list of all these activities I wanted to do and decided I was going to write them down.

On the drive home I thought to myself, “But why have I forgotten to play in the first place?”  It made me feel sad. With the flick of a switch, my mind played the reel of my life and it became clear to me that I have been consumed with deadlines and exhaustion.  More so, I looked around and noticed a common thread among my family and friends; we were adults and being adults meant paying bills, doing chores, figuring out our relationships, doing taxes, succeeding in our careers… It felt like we were all trying to survive and “fun” was bucketed into a night of drinking or a Saturday of sleeping in.  It’s no wonder our lives were draining us! I had a thirst for creativity, not vodka!

How many of us go about our day and totally eradicate fun or pleasure?  What does this say about ourselves?  What is the quality of our lives? Do we take ourselves too seriously? Is it a question of value and self-worth?  Or do we chalk it up to being busy?

Why do we put ourselves last and where has this excuse been exercised in our lives?

Do you feel where I am going here? These are the questions we need to keep asking ourselves and commit to digging through the answers.

Instead of analyzing this any further,  I want to share my list with you in an effort to have an exchange of ideas of bringing back the FUN!

1. Color
2. Paint
3. Blow bubbles
4. Go to the park and SWING
5. Sit by the water with a GREAT book
6. Wake up early to watch the sunrise
7. Feed the ducks
8. Go on a hike
9. Plan a spontaneous trip
10. Call the girls and have a wonderful night of debauchery!
11. Arts & crafts inspired by Pinterest
12. Learn pottery
13. Play a board game or have a game night with friends
14. Bake cupcakes

One by one I have checked off many things on this list in an effort to consciously restore PLAY into my life.  It has been exceptionally freeing to allow my inner child to have a place in my adult life and I feel it restores my well of creativity. Without play, I am a cranky human being!

What do you want to make time for? Let’s have some fun; share YOUR list in the comments below.


“The most sophisticated people I know – inside they are all children. ”
― Jim Henson