I worked with Tracy to help get my life back on track – both personally & professionally. She was very insightful & helped me through a rough patch. She brings new, challenging & fun ideas to each session & she helps push you out of your comfort zone.

August 7, 2010 -Carlie Tracey

Tracy is excellent at helping get the dead wood out. When I first started with Tracy I was in a very dark place. I couldn’t focus. I am now a certified Reiki practioner and a Zumba instructor. Two areas that have always been important to me, but never had the courage to pursue. I would not have done it without Tracy’s help. I highly recommend you let her help you too!

August 10, 2010-Peggy P

Tracy Crossley is an amazing Transformative Coach. Her energy, honesty and sense of humor make working with her a joy. It is a great pleasure to recommend Tracy and I am positive that she will make a great asset to any organization.

August 19, 2010 -Amy DeRosa

Tracy has provided tools and counseling that have helped me have a more positive perception of lifes events.

September 11, 2010 -William Johnson

Tracy is a great coach. I was really hesitant about any ” help” in my personal and professional life, but she has opened my awareness to all the opportunities and enjoyment that i have been shielding out of my life. I would consider myself as an intelligent, and fairly self aware person, but sometimes it really helps to express thoughts, feelings, and life to a person who is not personally involved in your life. Tracy provides great views, inspiration, and fun activities that have increased my well being and enjoyment of daily living. Give her a session, and help yourself.

September 21, 2010 –Nate Miller of Ben Franklin Plumbing

Tracy is as good as it gets. She is spot on with her help, encouragement and support! I would highly recommend her!

March 12, 2011 -Theresa D

Tracy has helped me in so many ways! I have a renewed focus and clarity in my personal and professional life. She has an amazing gift. Thank you Tracy!

March 15, 2011 -K.M

Tracy is such a joy! She is intelligent and perceptive in a “girlfriend” kind of way. I have seen her several times and each time I have left with a little gift for myself! Thanks Tracy for your wisdom, guidance and ability to see what we yet have to see. See you again soon!

April 19, 2011 – Monica L.

I have been involved with the Body n’ soul studio for the past ten years .. ( since I was 12) … I was referred to Tracy when I came looking for help after a bad breakup. I couldn’t get a hold of myself, didn’t know where to turn, and felt like I was at the end of my line. I started with an intuitive reading followed by several sessions of coaching……and probably about 500 (not exaggerated) phone calls. She was attentive and caring…and always there to listen and give advice…within a week I started turning my life around and most importantly I gained knowledge of attracting my OWN destiny and living my life…MY WAY. needless to say… I’m happier than I’ve ever been,… I have full control of my life and I’ve maintained an amazing relationship with Tracy…. I visit her often and when I’m not local… she’s more than willing to help over the phone/email! happy customer – turned friend!

May 18, 2011 -Neenajay

Thank you for the reading. Thank you for helping me to navigate to my authentic self, forgiving myself & others, learning & growing, and being ok when I step backwards. I have evolved so much from where I use to be, & I thank you for being one of the reasons, one of the people who has been steadfast for me…It is a blessing to not only have you & the A-mazing work you do with in the same walls where I “work” but to also have you as my friend. I am in such good company~my friends, “co-Soul Workers,” & my family that excepts me as family. Thank you! Thank the Universe for Tracy Crossley & her creative life transformative coaching & her clarity!

November 16, 2011 -Victoria

Tracy Lynn Crossley is an amazing life coach and intuitive.  She knows things about you and customizes her coaching to push you thought your blocks.  Her sensitive but bold approach is helping me get my life in order to make a huge change.  I love how she can make you laugh even when you have tears in your eyes.  I have never worked with a coach before, but from time to time I have had therapy and this goes deeper.  She gets to the root of what makes you tick, so she can get you going in the direction of your heart to truly live your dreams, not just dream about them. Thanks Tracy,

December 12, 2011 –Rhio Blair

I met Tracy Crossley about two years ago, thank god. From the moment I met her I felt this comfort in her company, which helped me open up to her. From then on there hasn’t been a long period of time that I ever go without talking to Tracy! Her advice has always helped to make sure I’m always taking care of me first, can’t go wrong in that. She’s taught me to “go with it” , because there are certain things in life we are just destined to experience. As scary as life can be she’s great at bringing it all down a bit and cracking a laugh  with you. I always say I wish I could carry her in my pocket! I love her help from the advice she continuously gives me through coaching, readings, and Tarot class. Thank you Tracy! She is such a treat.

December 24, 2011 –Molly Luquin

I love how people come into our lives at just the right time. Tracy is one of those people…she has become a great friend and is an amazing Transformative Coach (if I would only do my homework). She is a gifted writer and I can hardly wait to read the next blog post before I am finished with the current one, and I have fallen in love with her paintings and am working on having my own private gallery of her work. Please check her out!! She is a gem…

January 17, 2012~ Karen Ostrom

My journey to self-healing and self-discovery began approx. 10 months ago.  I was on a journey to healing my inner-self and looking for answers to lots of problems in my life. Someone told me about this GREAT Clairvoyant/Coach named Tracy! In the beginning I was a little skeptical about  getting a reading because I didn’t know if what she was going to tell me was a bunch of baloney. Lol However, it was completely the contrary. In my first reading Tracy was so laid back and honest when giving me feedback. She was very straight forward. More than a clairvoyant, she is truly a counselor .  Tracy told me things that no one really new about ME. She told me about the way I truly felt inside of my soul that I was afraid to verbalize and confront….Now that was a scary process!. It really made me go deep inside myself and truly be honest with what I was doing wrong and why things were not working out in my love relationships, career, and life in general. Tracy gave me names of family members that she couldn’t have possibly known as I had never met her. Gave me description of people that I was going to meet and how they would impact my life in a positive way. Those things have already started to give fruition. 🙂

One of the things that made me a true believer of Tracy’s work is that almost 9 months ago I started the process of purchasing a property. Boy, was that a roller coaster of mixed emotions!! Tracy kept telling me to not give up and really think about if I wanted this property and don’t settle for what the seller was trying to give me in price. More than anything, don’t push to have something if it wasn’t meant to be. That I needed to step back and allow things to flow easily rather than pushing and working so hard and exhausting my energy.  This process tested my patients and faith to the maximum. If it weren’t for Tracy’s coaching sessions, I would have given up a long time ago.

Here I am nine months later, a home owner. Living in a home that costs less than what the seller wanted in price. Happier because I am no longer in that place of fear and settling in a relationship with someone that has commitment issues. Being ok just being single and waiting for that man (which I call my prince) knowing that he’s really out there. Believing more than anything that good things can happen to me and that I don’t have to work so hard. Allow others to help rather than doing everything myself. That is something that’s hard for me to do. In these months, I have not only grown as a person but I have found a true friend in Tracy. She is honest and straight forward, yet caring and fun! I love how she likes to confirm answers from her clairvoyant readings with a card reading  at the end of the session.

If you are looking for real answers and a life coach, I truly recommend Tracy. You will definitely not leave her office feeling disappointed in her work.

August 2012~Emma Corona  (she is now married)

And I received a second testimonial from a client:

Working with Tracy as a life coach and intuitive has transformed my life to a much happier place.  Tracy’s not only spiritual and insightful, but she is brilliant and really funny.  She colorfully cuts to the chase of whats going on with you.  Her assignments forced me to dig deep and get to the real issues that were holding me back.  She trusts herself, her information and her heart and basically guided me to trust mine as well.  She just goes for it, whatever you want to do, be or have, she is on it and her motivation is beyond contagious.

She has done readings for several of my friends as well.  She actually sees into your future with clarity and spine tingling accuracy.  She is a beautiful soul and the real deal.  I will see her again to proceed to the next chapter of love and light.

August 2012~ Rhio H. Blair. Artist, Reflexologist, Singer.

Thank you so much Tracy, this really helped me out to make the final decision.  I now feel comfortable signing the divorce papers, maybe because now I have finally let go. I have gone out with an old friend and the butterflies I felt were so real and intense. I realize I can love again and feel desired. Maybe not have a relationship with my good friend, but it helped so I can let go of my husband.

It’s weird, but I see my husband and it’s like whatever…it do see him happy though, like he is finally relived.  Maybe he will have a future with his other woman, everything since good with them.  Who knows, who cares.

Thank you for your time Tracy.

October 8, 2012~Lety

Tracy Crossley is committed to the profession of action-oriented coaching. Her coaching style allows her clients to be self-aware of their behaviors and life patterns that create obstacles in the mind. By introducing the idea of focused action, the individual can LEARN HOW TO intentionally influence and redirect their thinking to achieve better alignment with oneself. She expands her message via newsletters and one-on-one consultations that aim at building on taking action, which makes her a brilliant connector with business professionals who are in transition personally or professionally. Furthermore, she is a pleasure to work with, always caring, tactful and knows how to help her clients remove limiting beliefs to achieve lasting change in our lives.

May 29, 2013~Josie

With Tracy’s coaching, direction and cutting right to the core of issues was immensely beneficial for my situation. She kept me focused with great results. I continue to recommend her because of her skills.

June 1, 2013~Chris

“My meeting with Tracy Crossley was serendipitous. As you come to know Tracy, you will see that she has an infectious energy for life and learning that will reverberate in you! We met working on a cause that we both cared about and she immediately became a friend. When we spoke in our daily conversations, she immediately tuned into a sense of unhappiness in my relationship. One of the pieces of advice that she passed onto me was that I needed to look within myself, not my partner in terms of where that lack of fulfillment was coming from. At first I doubted what she said because I had worked on myself in the past and I knew my partner had issues he needed to continue working on, but I decided to give it a try. I took action on Tracy’s advice and discovered that when I changed my perspective and the way I was viewing my partner and the relationship, something magical happened! The anger that I had bottled up inside of me and was blocking me began to dissipate. The intimacy that had with my husband when we first met and that which I was avoiding for a long time began to renew! I literally feel like I am dating my husband and never thought I would be “flirting” with him after 12 years of ups and downs of married life. If you really want to change your relationship or want to develop new, healthy relationships, Tracy Crossley is the coach for you! She is intuitive, focused and more importantly, she cares!”

June 10, 2013~ Gina

After few sessions working with Tracy, I went from completely stuck and hopeless, to unstuck and hopeful. She is very easy to talk to and very skilled on identifying limiting patterns.

Tracy has been helping a great deal on bringing awareness to my thoughts and eliminating whatever has no use in my life anymore.

Working with Tracy has been an eye opening to many issues that have been standing in my way to have a more fulfilled relationship in my life.

I’m so glad I started this journey and I feel very lucky to have such a compassionate and encouraging person to guide me through it.

I am willing to tell anyone who wants to have a more fulfilled life and break limiting patterns, that working with you is a real game changer.

Tracy, thank you for your support and help!

June 30, 2013~ Claudia P

I want to tell you how amazing it was to find you and your work. I feel lucky to have had a session with you! Thank you for doing what you do. I wish all the people in my life would discover you!

August 2013~ Laura

Boy am I feeling awesome I got it finally!! I’m really looking forward to my meeting and to getting my great new future!!! I’m also looking forward to my new attorney! And getting my divorce and my custody and visitation that I want. I’m ready and excited!! I feel it like never before u put me over the edge I needed that nudge thank u so much!!!!

Love u u are my girl ur the best!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch the fuck out everyone!! 

January 14, 2014~ (text format) S.M.

Beth testimonial

March 2014~ Beth

DT testimonial

April, 2014~D.T.

Again thank you, it always helps me when you clarify.

June 2014~ Cindy

Thanks! That was a big one for me. I look at how other people judge me and let that be the measure of how good or bad a person I am. Now that I know that, I can work on stopping it and move on to something better.

June 2014~P.G.

“The work was very informative. It allowed me to open up and release a lot of the past that I have gone through. Tracy has a lot of knowledge in the field of relationships, learning to love yourself, and how to attract the love you want in your life.”

June 2015– Denis

Earlier this year, I woke up frustrated about a relationship. I ran across an article that Tracy wrote. This article really resonated with me and I searched for more of her articles.

Having gone through relationship counseling a few years ago and hating every minute of it I was reluctant to engage in any sort of therapy. But, I couldn’t stop reading her articles.

I finally contacted Tracy to learn more about her and she offered me a trial session. She explained that her approach was intended for action-oriented people. After a few sessions I finally started to understand why I do the things I do and feel the way I feel. And, decided to continue working with her.

I’ve been working with Tracy for 7 months now. Her guidance, suggestions and coaching have helped me come to the realization that a business relationship I was in was toxic and not healthy for me. I knew this in my heart, but couldn’t make myself walk away from it. With her coaching the decision ended up being an easy one.

In regards to the 3 year bread crumb relationship I initially contacted her for help with, I now have a better understanding of the relationship and how I contributed to the dysfunction because of where I have been emotionally. I’ve ended that relationship. And, am starting to become excited about the potential of meeting someone who is more aligned with me and what I want out of relationship. And, most importantly, I no longer have any anxiety over it.

While I still have quite a bit of work to do on myself, I’m confident that the progress I am making will be life changing. I’m already starting to see how the work I’m doing with Tracy is helping in all my relationships.

Heck, she even offered valuable input on the design of my website!

Thanks, Tracy, I’m so grateful to have met you.

November 2015~Roberta