Surviving to Thriving: Jacquie Somerville

Surviving to Thriving: Jacquie Somerville

Surviving to Thriving: Overcoming My Darkest Moment

Jacquie Somerville

In this episode of “Surviving to Thriving: Overcoming My Darkest Moment,” I talk with best-selling author and founder of the School of Feminine Magnetism, Jacquie Somerville. Before Jacquie found her true self, she succumbed to societal pressures about marriage and kids. As she started connecting with her heart and challenging the status quo, she discovered something important: the more she fought against herself, the more disasters happened. This all culminated in a very dark day that upended her life. Listen in as Jacquie shares how she worked through this horrifying time and came to a place of acceptance.

A natural born storyteller, Jacquie Somerville is bold, irreverent and funny. She teaches women to live gloriously by answering their calling, loving big and having undying faith. Jacquie draws on a lifetime of challenging and rewarding experiences, believing the keys to a successful life include following your heart and honoring the calling of your soul. She shows audiences and clients how to let go of the struggle and become irresistible magnets to a fulfilled life of love, prosperity, passion and purpose. Learn more at

“Surviving to Thriving: Overcoming My Darkest Moment” also exists as a video interview. Watch it below!

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