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Rigidity Worksheet

Most of us don’t think we’re rigid. We see ourselves as accommodating and go-with-the-flow instead of recognizing how hard we fight to stay in our comfort zone. Test your rigidity with my free QUIZ, then download this worksheet to learn more about where your rigidity comes from, how it affects your life and how to knock yourself out of autopilot. It’s six pages of reading, exploratory questions and real-world tips.

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Wisdom T-shirtIntuitive Reinvention t-shirt

I came up with the idea of a tshirt, because my clients seemed to be scribbling my quotes during sessions. I’ve always had a love of fashion and thought, why not put words and fashion together? Voila!

Show yourself (and others) that inner wisdom is key! T-shirts are available in S, M, L and XL. They are slim-fit women’s shirts, so choose a size up if you want it a little loose. Color: plum

The back reads:

LISTEN to your inner wisdom.
TRUST your inner wisdom.
BE your inner wisdom.

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