Fall ’16 Retreat FAQs

Below are answers to commonly asked questions about my retreat: The Art of Letting Go

Where and when is it?
The retreat is October 9-11 in a beautiful private villa in Ojai, CA. I chose Sunday-Tuesday because I wanted this to be a deeper “working” retreat rather than a weekend getaway. It requires more of a commitment, which I think is important for this work.

Is the retreat open to men and women?
This particular retreat is only open to women because the curriculum was designed that way. I am considering co-ed events for the future.

Who is the retreat for, and what is all this business about attachment?
The retreat is for anyone suffering from insecure attachment, which can manifest in almost every area of your life.

Most simply, insecure attachment is when you’re attached to an outcome that has a painful familiarity (thank you subconscious), leaving you in a state of anxiety and discontent. It’s sticking to a list of ridiculous check-boxes for a romantic relationship, job, house, friend, etc. that really just allows you to hide or avoid. You may not even be consciously aware of these checkboxes, which is why you feel shame for putting up with your current situation.

It results in a deep, needy feeling where you can’t let go… even if the situation is toxic. You make excuses for your decision to remain stuck, which is painful, but you don’t know how to get out of it.

If you’re still not sure if this is for you, below are a few podcasts that delve deeper:

Time to Stop the Vicious Cycle of Attachment, Emotional Availability & Disappointment
Attachment: Your Attachment Style and Navigating Your Relationship
Why Can’t I Leave? Why Can’t I Commit? The Ways Attachment Shows Up

Are there any “prerequisites” to attending?
Nope! Last time it was a combination of clients, non-clients and women who were new to this whole retreat experience overall. You don’t need to have been coached or in therapy or anything else. Attendees will all be at different places in their lives, yet all coming together for a shared purpose.

What should I expect, and how much do I need to participate?
The more open, honest and vulnerable you are, the more you’ll get out of it. I intentionally keep the group small so it’s a safe place for opening up, however YOU dictate how much you want to share. I do, however, ask that each woman commits to being there and participate to the extent she’s able. These are workshops and “work” is part of that. Sitting back and observing won’t produce results.

Can I bring a friend?
Yes! I understand joining a group of strangers can be intimidating for some (although I guarantee these women won’t be strangers for long!), so you’re welcome to bring a friend. I’m actually making it easy to do so by offering 25% off the second ticket when you purchase them together.

What are the accommodations like?
The retreat is held in a private estate with various-sized rooms, so all accommodations are shared with 2-4 people, depending on the room. Private accommodations are no longer available, but if you are attending with a friend and would like to be in the same room, that’s not a problem. The grounds are beautiful, however, and we have the entire place to ourselves, so you’re free to sit outside, swim in the pool, relax with a book or take a walk. I love the space!

Do you offer refunds?
Unfortunately no. Due to the size limit, if someone commits and then backs out, it takes a slot away from someone else. I understand life happens, however, so if something unavoidable comes up, you’re welcome to either transfer your registration to someone else or get a credit that you can apply to a future event.

Will you be holding upcoming retreats in other locations?
I’ve received several inquires about hosting retreats in different cities across the US (and even internationally!). I realize California isn’t doable for everyone, so I’m taking that into consideration. I have nothing to announce yet, but stay tuned.

What will I walk away with?
Everyone is different, but below is what you may experience:

  • Getting over the hump and making small, significant steps toward the life you want
  • Taking your power back and reclaiming your desires
  • No longer allowing life to simply “happen” to you
  • Prioritizing YOU and YOUR needs
  • Getting out of a toxic relationship and/or starting a new, healthy one
  • Refocusing your energy on what you truly want instead of what others expect of you
  • Stepping into vulnerability as a STRENGTH and releasing your protective armor

What if I have questions not referenced here?
Email me at tracy@tracycrossley.com or visit my Contact Page.

How do I register?
Learn more and register here!