Many people face unique and unexpected challenges as they go forward to create meaningful lives.I offer a unique blend of wisdom, compassion and humor in my readings, providing a sense of peace, relief and clarity. I will also show you how to use your own intuition to find the answers within yourself.

Do you have a hard decision to make but can’t see the forest for the trees? Are you crippled by fear over making a wrong choice that you choose nothing? I will help you see the bigger picture, and what outcomes to expect–whether in your personal or professional life. I’ve helped many clients seek clarity in any number of situations.

Clairvoyant, Tarot and Reiki readings are available via phone, Skype, Google Hangout or in person in the Los Angeles area. There is no difference between an in-person reading and over the phone.

Please note, readings and coaching are NOT the same thing. Coaching is an on-going committment that requires deep, uncomfortalbe work. Readings don’t require effort on your end. I will ask you a few questions to get a sense of what’s going on, then provide you with clarity.

Special pricing for first-time clients:

30 minutes: $125
Buy 30-Min Session

60 minutes: $250
Buy 60-Min Session

After purchase, you will receive an email receipt/confirmation with a link to schedule your session. If you have any questions, please email