How Being The Hesitant Male May Be Ruining Your Love Life and Relationships

The Hesitant Malehesitant

Not seeking to label individuals for the purpose of pointing out a flaw or a pessimistic perspective; The Hesitant male is the conditioning which was learned as children.

Some lacked a strong male presence (confident, emotionally or physically available and stable), others had a mother who was emotionally overwhelming, or the other extreme— completely unavailable for support.

Many men had mothers who did not accept them for who they were as a boy; or as a child they felt they had to take care of or protect their mothers.


What is going on?

You may find yourself in a power struggle within your intimate relationships. There are a number of ways you control without seeming like you’re trying to control your partner. This also goes for dating, when you allow another person power over you.

  • You may defend your actions, say no when you mean yes and vice versa—passive aggressive behavior.
  • You run, hide, create drama and/or sulk waiting to be rescued or hoping your partner will change.
  • Stuck on a past love, the one who got away or destroyed your sense of self.
  • Major fear of engulfment, so you come close and then create distance.
  • Blaming your partner for being unreasonable or punishing you in some sense.
  • No risk-taking in your love life—you prefer the comfort zone of hell.
  • You need others’ opinions of what to do in your relationship/love life.
  • You lie. (it’s too hard to be honest…and your counterpart isn’t honest either)
  • May appear to be in touch with your emotions, but are using them to victimize yourself and remain emotionally unavailable.

The Good News is You Can Have an Amazing Love Life

And Live Your Most Authentic Desires!

Become the Empowered Alpha Male:

  • Learn to take inspired action daily—playing big without question or being questioned.
  • Makes decisions, which serve you and others with confidence.
  • Dominant without aggression in and out of your relationship.
  • Respect : You embody it, there’s no question on owning it! You give it without strings too.


We just need to remove what is suffocating your authentic masculinity in your love life and relationships.

You may be used to compartmentalizing emotions you don’t want to deal with, which are usually tied to what your truth is. It makes it easier to lie to yourself about the state of your love life.

There is a fear of the truth, because it will mean action….and an Empowered Alpha Male, is all about action!

These characteristics are not associated with the domineering, controlling, aggressive, angry, non-feeling, fighter, egotistical, alpha.

It’s about being empowered.

Stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

Leader, protector, strong in communicating and directing, leads by powerful example.

Imagine if this described your love life.

Does it come alive compared to what it looks like now?

I invite you to take the the steps to become the Empowered Alpha Male.

Tracy Crossley

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 – William Johnson

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