How Being The Alpha (fe)Male May Be Ruining Your Love Life and Relationships

The Alpha (fe)Malealpha

A woman who, usually from a young age, picked up subconscious patterns of being “the man” in her own life, compensating for an impacted sense of emotional safety in the world.

As a kid, we aren’t aware of deep emotional dynamics, we just know the difference between pain and pleasure. This makes us look for the path of least resistance, which we ‘think’ will keep us safe and pain-free.

Unfortunately, many of our beliefs that developed at a young age cause huge problems in our relationships as we get older.

What is going on?

You are so used to doing it all for yourself— perhaps taken on from an early age or a place of vulnerability and need for protection, or in some cases, for survival. Here are some other traits of an Alpha (fe)Male.

  • You spend a lot of time figuring out, or already ‘knowing’, what your mate will do next. No one will ever get one up on you!
  • You push yourself hard, putting extra effort into making things work (even if no one else does).
  • You don’t like excuses, but offer them as to why you do what you do.
  • You spend a lot of time focusing on what your partner, or partners in the past, did or did not do.
  • You do not ask yourself what you want first and take care of YOU, you expect your partner to fulfill it.
  • You leave little space, if any, for your man/woman to show up and do.
  • You may have chosen partners who play smaller than you and yet, it drives you crazy.
  • Or you have a partner who is too busy in their career to share your desire for a combined lifestyle that works for you both.
  • You Communicate to get the outcome you want (strategizing and manipulating), even if the result leaves you unfulfilled.

The Good News is You Can Have an Amazing Love Life

And Live Your Most Authentic Desires!

Become the Untamed Real Female:

  • Totally shift your focus on feeding yourself joy, adoration, freedom and love everyday .

  • Release attachments that keep you stuck, while sipping on a deeper, wider river of love.

  • Create excitement by living passionately for what moves your soul.

  • Attract the empowered Alpha Male to you


As a recovered Alpha (fe)Male, I want to share personal experience on how I access the authentic place inside of myself so I can show up as an expression of who I really am.

If you have a true desire to be in a relationship that  just works, without it costing you everything, or pretending to be what you think someone else wants, then you are ready to become the Untamed Female.

Learn to love the untamed within you, the dark, the light, the grey; it is your time to connect with it and become magnetic to love.

It your time to become untamed and real.

Wild, fierce, earthy, natural, sensual, spirited, zest, courage, strength of heart, not controlled.

Authentic, genuine, embodied, honest, original, physical, sincere, true, legitimate

Imagine if this described your love life.

Does it come alive compared to what it looks like now?

I invite you to take the the steps to become the Untamed Real Female.

– Tracy Crossley

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What people are saying…

testi1I look at how other people judge me and let that be the measure of how good or bad a person I am. Now that I know that, I can work on stopping it and move on to something better.


– Cindy

robertaI’m finally starting to understand why I do the things I do and feel the way I feel. I’m confident that the progress I am making will be life changing. I’m starting to see how the work I’m doing is helping in all my relationships.

 – Roberta

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