Power of Submission

Power of Submission


I thought the title was more catchy than the power of acceptance, but really, the opposite of resistance, is submission.

In the context of power, submission is not necessarily to another person, but to the circumstances as they are rather than how we want them to be.

What we resist persists.

I speak with people all the time. Many remind me of how I approached change with myself. I would seek out help, then decide I could just do it on my own. I could save myself time and money and get there just as quick! After all, who knows me better than me?

Well, yeah. My resistance was not helping me, and as someone pointed out, if I went on my own, it would take me far longer to get where I wanted to go. She was right.

I thought I was open, but I wanted it all to be my way. I thought I could immerse myself in books or hear someone speak and change, but it took me a long time because I was only grasping things intellectually.

To change our lives on a deeper level, we have to submit to change; to things being different than our familiar patterns.

I can hear it when I am speaking to someone who swears up and down they cannot handle their circumstances anymore, but at the same time they want to defend their stance.They resist a path different from the one they’re on.

Whenever we think of change, we want to quickly arrive at the end result. We hope change will come in the middle of the night while we’re sleeping so we don’t have to go through any struggle or questions surrounding our actions. Basically, we want change to just slip in the backdoor.

We resist the very things we want in life:

We say we want to be with our soulmate…

We say we want a great relationship….

We say we want to understand ourselves better…

We say we want to be happy…

As long as we do not accept what is, then our resistance will persist and the circumstances we don’t want will continue… until we just can’t stand it anymore.

And then we may be able to talk ourselves into numbing out to stay in a state of resistance. We distract ourselves or only express frustration and anger at certain moments, then go right back into the state of quiet battle.

Sacrifice is not submission. It is another way of denying change. To submit is power. It says, “My battle is not with life or someone else. I accept all that is and hold myself responsible so I can create the life I want.”

When we are not focused on the resistance, we can create. Our lives are a creation, so why not make our lives about being in a flow to go where we want?

Saying “okay” to what others want doesn’t mean we necessarily agree; it just means we’ve acknowledged what they want and we are allowing them to do that without our resistance.

I spent a lot of time in my younger years helping people who said they wanted my advice. I would get so frustrated when they wouldn’t follow it. I’d want to change their lives for them, or get them to do the right thing (in my eyes). It took me a long time to understand it was not my decision. Their life belongs to them regardless of how I perceived their actions.

When we perceive someone as wrong, or want to control another’s actions, we’re not living our own life. We’re actually resisting our life by ignoring what we need to do for ourselves. When we gossip, we’re in a state of resistance.

One way to tell when you’re in resistance is the physical feeling that comes from the energy held. Everything feels tighter, tense and heavy. When we let go and submit to what is, we feel lighter, happier and able to see more clearly so we can create what we want for ourselves.

The more we submit, the more we create and the more we say okay to change. The walls we have around us are meant to be broken through. If we allow them to remain, we won’t really change. We’ll keep doing things the same old way, reading books thinking we “get it” while continuing in a state of resisting life.




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