Power of Happiness

Power of Happiness


“It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.” – Dale Carnegie

Many of us think of happiness as a fleeting image. We are at an amusement park, on vacation or some other entertaining venue or event which induces us into a state of happiness.

The power of real happiness has little to do with our environment or circumstances. It is a daily choice.

For years I kept waiting for the day to come when I could be happy. I thought it meant clearing away all the heaviness inside me. I figured I had too many “shoulds” in my life that came before happiness, until I discovered that happiness is there even when life feels like it’s not cooperating.

In choosing happiness, it’s to choose well-being. It’s to acknowledge all parts within ourselves in harmony… or at least being copacetic with each other. We can avoid the internal battle because one part of us is not trying to banish the other parts.

Trying to rid any part of ourselves doesn’t contribute to wholeness. In happiness, it is to know things aren’t always in complete agreement, but rather to trust they can co-exist without struggle. Control is not necessary when it comes to the outside or other people. Happiness is felt in letting go.

Even when I have things going on in my personal or professional life that I want to be more satisfactory than they currently are, I make a choice. I can either go down the road of futility and disappointment, or focus on something that feels good, even if that means allowing myself to sit for five minutes and reconnect with what I want.

If we make up our minds to be happy rather than concerned with problems, we may actually come up with better solutions when the time is right.

How many of us waste hours thinking about a future problem (something which we currently have no power to change or solve), only to find it was a waste of time thinking or obsessing? It pays off to set our minds toward happier thoughts, rather than the familiarity of the punishment in our thinking.

Some of us feel we must only think of solving problems. If there’s not a problem , we’ll create one.

This keeps us in our comfort zone of familiarity. Choosing to think happier thoughts requires effort. It is not easy to shift, but when we start thinking we’re okay as we are, that life is okay as it is and that whatever happens around us is okay too, we automatically become happier.

“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.” – James Oppenheim

Creative thinking comes from letting go of the type of thoughts that weigh us down. When we start to feel heavy, holding the reins emotionally, we can change the direction. We can acknowledge whatever is making us feel like mud, and still choose to re-focus on creating more well-being.

If we want to manifest the best life possible, it pays to focus on what we want rather than on what isn’t working. The more creative we are, the greater our sense of well-being.

When we are in this lighter, more buoyant space with our emotional state, our actions can more easily match us to carry us toward the goals we say we want. Sometimes our actions must come first and the change of thoughts will follow.

For myself, it really is about shifting what I am doing. If I start to feel crappy for any reason, I ask myself, “Do I want to dwell here?” The familiarity of the old wallowing feelings start to surface and I literally have to disengage and ask myself, “What would give me joy right now? What would be in alignment with my goals?” If I shift into action first, I start writing or doing something creative. If my thoughts move first, I look at something, such as my vision board, or think about what I want. Anything to break up the downward spiral so I can re-focus on my sense of well-being.

The more connected we are to all parts of ourselves, the less we lose touch with that sense of good feelings in ourselves. Even if we’re momentarily thrown for a loop, the happiness we have at the base of our feelings, never really goes away.



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