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A lot of us live in our head, disconnected from our feelings and intuition. This podcast touches on releasing insecure attachment, accepting your authentic self and getting “unstuck” by connecting to how you FEEL instead of how you THINK. I’ve been there, and discuss sensitive subjects using my own experiences with a lot of laughs and even more empathy… because we’re all flawed humans.

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If you’re specifically looking for episodes on Insecure Attachment, below is a compiled list. I recommend starting with Love vs. Attachment.

Episode 12 – Love vs. Attachment
Episode 18 – Attachment and Synchronicity: A Toxic Combo
Episode 59 – Time to Stop the Vicious Cycle of Attachment, Emotional Unavailability and Disappointment
Episode 61 – Attached? Upping Your Self-Worth to Move On
Episode 62 – Attachment: Your Attachment Style and Navigating Relationships
Episode 63 – Why Can’t I Leave? Why Can’t I Commit? The Ways Attachment Shows Up
Episode 64 – Elusive Desire for Safety in an Insecure Relationship
Episode 65 – Feeling Needy and What You Can Do
Episode 66 – The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Love and Life; The Attachment Illusion
Episode 68 – Coping and Surviving Post Break-Up When You’re Still Attached
Episode 71 – The Not-So-Rare Avoidant/Anxious Attachment; Why Is It Messing With My Relationships?
Episode 77 – The Unhealthy Attachment of Empaths with Narcissists

Starting with Episode 100, join me for my “Journey of Attachment” series.

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