Meet Tracy

Greetings to you…

I am Tracy.cucamonga

I am empathic; I am also clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, in other words…I really utilize my sixth sense. In addition, my mentoring work has run the realm in counseling many folks who have struggled in and out of relationships.

The road that lead to becoming a coach/mentor didn’t seem to be on my agenda. Clearly, the Universe had other ideas, and through a series of synchronistic events I trained to become a love coach almost seven years ago.

Great title for me!! It was an area I struggled most of my life (WHAT WAS LOVE?) from self-loathing as a young girl to not being seen in relationships as I truly was–my trail was strewn with a lot of people pleasing and appearing perfect.

I used to joke to people through all of my challenges that I was the universal joke (Self-love? Uh…it took awhile) and could never understand why my life looked the same without changing for the better.

I’ve lost it all (at once) in the past, including my home, relationship and identity, and ended up living at a friend’s house until I could afford my own place once again. The relationship was believe it or not, the most painful thing for me to detach from, I couldn’t figure out after I walked away why I was still ATTACHED.

So…I would dive back in whenever he showed back up knowing something inside of me was holding me hostage to be connected to him (I believed he was my soulmate at certain points). I had to keep getting out of my comfort zone…asking “What would love do?” And getting REAL, Vulnerable and Courageous…and doing it!

CT“I have worked with Tracy over the last few years and found her impact extremely profound.  She has a unique way of balancing insight and intuition that helps provide clarity for me on the best ways to approach life.  Her incredible disposition combined with her one of a kind guidance has simply been an amazing addition to my life.  I am looking forward to working with her for years to come.” ~Chris Tate/CEO

It taught me how I looked for suffering, punishment and not being cared for as a reflection of how I treated myself. It took an extraordinarily painful relationship with someone, where it was a teeny bit of heaven and a lot of hell, as I learned how detrimental my lack of self-acceptance was for me.

It’s been a big part of how I became Empowerment Central, not only did I keep my sense of humor–I gained a sense of self…I can help most anyone to become the most empowered, happy and authentic version of themselves, which will allow them to get unstuck from tenuous, heart-wrenching situations! (even if it is your job)

What about my intuitive abilities?

As a born intuitive, I always knew things…I was the go-to person for advice. It’s funny, for years I had such a fear of getting a reading or anything from another psychic. Over 20 years ago, I had my first reading…only to be told by nearly every psychic that they wanted me to read them instead!

Have I got stories!

I’ve taught classes in meditation, Tarot, vision-boarding, among all the other mentoring workshops and groups I have lead too.

Got a question?

Ask me…I always give it straight but with a lot of love (and some laughter)!

If you’d like to work with me, for either my intuitive abilities or mentoring, please click the link below.