Individual Mentoring Program

In 2019, I have limited one on one availability, so when you have an Information Session with someone on my team, they will explain what one on one coaching looks like with myself and others. If you are ready to commit to a quick chat, then please refer to the Information Session link below to sign up.

My other coaches Tracey, Pam and Nan are amazing options. Please email to set up an information session.

One on one coaching is for people who are fully committed to deep work. It’s not about trying to change other people or your outside world; it’s making internal changes that affect how you act and behave. Most people who come to me operate from a place of fear-based on old beliefs, and avoiding those fears is what keeps them stuck. These are people who have:

  • Insecure attachment issues surrounding a current or past relationship (i.e. not being able to let go)
  • Low-level stress or dissatisfaction with their lives, but unable to make decisions that will lead to change
  • Emptiness, anxiety or feeling like they can’t get off the emotional merry-go-round
  • Feelings of disconnection, loneliness or fear they will be alone forever

Regardless of the package you choose (which will be discussed during your information call), one-on-one mentoring requires a commitment from both of us. I conduct 40 min. sessions via phone, or Zoom for International calls.

During each session, we will go deep into the root of your patterns and behaviors. We are going to pull hard on those roots–so you experience REAL CHANGE. From there I will challenge you with emotional actions to practice stepping into what’s new and uncomfortable. If you’re looking for talk therapy or someone to listen to your problems, this isn’t for you. I believe true change can only happen through deep triggers, awareness, transformative choices and emotionally-inspired action, which I will guide and support you through.

The goal of this program is to see yourself as you truly are, TO CHANGE THE SHIT THAT IS DRAGGING YOU INTO the hell you are in. You will know your patterns so when they crop up,  and learn to make different choices at a DEEP level. Be prepared to take emotional risks, feel your feelings and release a whole lot of crap that doesn’t belong to you… and certainly doesn’t serve you! It’s an opportunity to receive my undivided attention and all the tools I offer.

Please to have a chat about what working with me is all about. 

PS. If you are looking for my intuitive services, please click here.