I don’t want to spend time fixing myself

I don’t want to spend time fixing myself


Do you?

I cannot imagine a more fruitless journey then to try to fix what isn’t broken. Improvement… to what?

Working my ass off to become an ideal that was created outside myself? By someone else?

I state this because there’s a misconception that we’re all broken and for some of us it can be quite the obsession to fix what we think is fatally wrong.

Here’s the truth: we’re all flawed, screwed-up, messy, emotional (if you’ve compartmentalized your emotions, then you ain’t thriving, you’re surviving!) and crazy in some aspect!

We’re human beings. Objectively and subjectively we scrutinize ourselves and others with a microscope, trying to be the best… to compete… to create an illusion.

This isn’t the key to a happy life.

At all.

It’s a never-ending hamster wheel of trying to do something that’s impossible, and quite frankly, a waste of time. Think about it, if you’re all about self-improvement (subjective), what’s the ultimate goal? Perfection?

Take a load off.

I have a better idea.

Just be fucked-up you.


Now some may disagree and like their hamster wheel, but I tend to go with feeling good, happy, having a lot of love (in me and around me), enjoying what I do and making decisions that expand my true self.

I prefer to not be anxious, stressed-out, up-in-arms over someone else’s bullshit, or flipped out about what the world is or isn’t doing because I realize I do not have control. No one does. And if you worry about it, or think becoming an “improved version of yourself” is the answer to world peace… you’re wrong.

It’s about accepting who and what you are, getting to know what makes you tick (not what society says should make you groove), seeing your flaws and saying, “Okay!”

You were probably told those darker parts of you were unacceptable at some point in your life. The hardest thing to do is say “okay” to what is imperfect because pretending those flaws don’t exist creates bigger insecurities.

It’s hard to be yourself and happy. Why?

Because we worry to much about what others may think of us; we live with a judge and jury in our head. We worry about abandonment: the loss of people connected to us based on some identity that never really belonged to us.

Our truth is fighting to come out all the time.

We bury it because of our fears: the unknown, criticism, (what if we’re wrong?), failure, getting hurt. Maybe we have an experience to prove some ugly belief about us. Many of us feel alone, taken advantage of and so on.

And guess what? All that shit that you and allow to rule is meaningless. On the last day of our lives we can look at everything we didn’t do, everything we wanted deep down inside, all the missed experiences… and know we’re out of time.

If you think improving yourself is the way to happiness, it isn’t. It’s actually how you avoid yourself.

Acceptance is deeper. It opens us up to being unlimited (which is far scarier than self-improvement), to really loving, to moving past our fears and saying ‘fuck it’ it’s only an experience. It moves us to stand for our truth, our desires, our freedom, to be emotionally intimate, to allow ourselves to go into the deep dark caverns inside of us and come out with a smile!

Don’t waste your human experience trying to be a version of yourself that you think is acceptable to others. Just be you. Right now.

  • Speak your truth
  • Bring pleasure in your life daily
  • Make choices that make you happy
  • Challenge yourself to take risks to go where you want emotionally and physically
  • Accept the dark, the light and everything in between
  • Value yourself
  • Be kind
  • Get clear on your heart’s desire and make a change
  • Leave anxiety on the floor–don’t paint the future with the past
  • Let go of the illusion of control
  • Let love in–operate from that place
  • Stop being busy all the time
  • Remove people-pleasing–don’t commit unless you really want to

This is the work I do with clients. Call it whatever you want, but discovering who you are and living that truth is the most powerful path to live your life!


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