From Surviving To Thriving: Overcoming My Darkest Moment

Welcome to my video interview series!

In it I interview people about an emotional low point in their life, asking what it felt like, how they worked through it and where they are now.

My own darkest moment involves crawling across the kitchen floor (no joke). So many of us have spiraled down to a dark place, so this series will focus on the emotional path each used to climb out and create a fulfilling life for themselves.

There are so many stories like mine. Real stories; relatable stories. Through these  interviews my hope is you’ll realize you’re not alone, and that you too can move from simply surviving to truly thriving.

To kick things off, here is me sharing MY darkest moment. Following are links to each interview…

Guest Interviews

Alyssa Aubrey- Founder and Director of Medicine Horse Ranch

Jen Rozenbaum- Author, Podcaster and Intimate Photographer

Sarah Prout- Co-founder of the Manifesting Academy

Guy Finley- Bestselling Author and Founder of Life of Learning Foundation

Kim Boudreau Smith- Coach, Speaker and Creator of Her Bold Voice

Evan Carmichael- Entrepreneur, Leader and YouTube Influencer

Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton (Frangela)- Daytime Talk Hosts

Lauren Zander- Co-Founder and Chairwoman of Handel Group

Chelsea Nielsen- Yoga Teacher and Holistic Lifestyle Coach 

Kelli Miller- Psychotherapist, Radio Host and Author

Sarah Poet- Mother, Writer and Soul Doula

Bill Wooditch- Best-selling Author, Speaker and Business Owner

Andrea Owen- Author, Mentor and Certified Life Coach

Leisa Peterson- Money coach, Author and Educator

Shayna Hiller- Yoga Teacher and Certified Health Coach

Col McGunnigle- Artist

Jacquie Somerville- Speaker, Mentor and Best-Selling Author

Elli Richter- Holistic Life Coach

Sarah Phipp- Transformational Health and Wellbeing Coach

Allana Pratt- Relationship Intimacy Expert

Dr. Margaret Paul- Author, Relationship Expert and Co-creator of the Inner Bonding® Self-Healing Process

Ken Bechtel- Speaker, Educator and Relationship Mentor 

Lyneè Urban- Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach