the art of letting go
dig deep and release what keeps you attached 


October 9-11 
Ojai, Ca


Do you create unrealistic expectations for relationships, WORK, Life?
Why are you attached to those EXPECTATIONS AND unable to LET GO? 

When there's the threat of loss (whether we truly want to move on or not), we feel a sudden overwhelming panic that the bottom is falling out, causing us to lose control of our emotions. We hide all this angst and appear to have it all together, while inside it's lonely and painful. The change we hope for doesn’t happen, so our self-worth plummets (maybe we don’t deserve it?) and we settle, or tell ourselves someday things will change. 
As an example, when you’re with your partner, do you ever look forward to time alone, but when they leave you’re full of anxiety? You NEED their validation, their attention, something only their physical presence provides. You want them to rescue you from YOU, which just sets you up for disappointment. You may equate the intensity of your emotion with love, but it’s not love. It’s attachment. 

Wherever attachment shows up in your life, it leaves you feeling emotionally out of control. When you sense the possibility of abandonment, even if the current situation is painful, you choose to stay put. It also leads to distorted realities. If the object of your desire checks 8 of your 10 boxes, you proclaim him/her your soulmate… nevermind the red flags you ignore.

You cling to the fantasy of what you WANT to exist instead of the reality of the situation. 
And this doesn’t just happen in relationships. It can show up with jobs, life goals, vacations, money, real estate… anywhere you are attached to a particular (often unrealistic) outcome. And it keeps us stuck.

How We String Ourselves Along
-Hoping he/she will finally realize you’re the best thing that ever happened to him/her
-Looking for a new job because you’re miserable, interviewing elsewhere, then making excuses to stay put
-Believing success equals a white picket fence, golden retriever and 2.5 children
-Expecting once you find that “perfect” person, everything in your life will fall into place
-Believing if you keep quiet and don’t ask questions, you won’t upset the apple cart
-Thinking other people have issues… not you!
And then there are the excuses.

Excuses only hurt you, keeping you from really living. Your beliefs swirl around blame and scarcity, thinking there’s not enough love, good men/women, healthy relationships, jobs, money, etc. Maybe you think the person you’re with, or can’t detach from, is your best option. What if there isn’t anyone else?  

Releasing Insecure Attachment
All of this stems from your early years when the seeds were planted, so it’s important to get at the root of how your attachment issues started. This isn’t about reliving the past; it’s about understanding where it all came from, looking at it from a different perspective and making new choices. 
How do you do that? 
First, we’ll identify your attachment style and how it impacts your relationships and life decisions. Whether you fall into the category of Avoidant/Anxious, Ambivalent/Anxious or Fearful/Disorganized, you will learn why insecure attachment has driven you to play strategically throughout life. Instead of managing your emotions, you lead with your intellect, so every move you make is like a well-played poker hand. 
Next is breaking through unconscious thinking and finding out how you ACTUALLY feel (not what you tell yourself). From there we dig into the hard work of self-acceptance and trusting yourself. There is a lot of work to do, but for those willing to go there, it can be transformative. You’ll stop looking for ways to numb out and escape, and instead you’ll be able to LET GO, believing the life, relationship, job, etc. you want is within reach.

Are you ready to LET GO and commit to yourself?
Join a group of women with similar situations in a safe, supportive environment.

“As this was my first retreat, I didn’t know what to expect. The location was so peaceful and relaxing, plus Tracy and her staff were really welcoming. I enjoyed Tracy’s classes the most. It was nice to share my experiences with women from all over the country. As a result of the retreat, I have looked at many things differently. I will absolutely attend again. Highly recommended!”
-Phyllis S. 

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your host

Tracy Crossley and her team will lead the group in interactive workshops, hiking, yoga, creative group activities and deep, emotional work.


A detailed schedule will be emailed prior to the event, including a few fun surprises! Below is a tenative schedule. All meals are included and provided by Private Chef Robin. Snacks and drinks will also be available throughout the weekend.

Sunday - October 9

  • 4:30-5:30pm

    Arrivals. Join us for tea, wine and cheese.

    Opening Circle


Monday - October 10

  • 6:30am

    Morning hike
    Workshop #1: Understanding Your Attachment Style
    Workshop #2: Stop Intellectualizing and Start Feeling to Create The Life You Want
    Workshop #3: Love vs. Attachment: The Impact on Your Relationships & How to Gain Control
    Workshop #4: How to Feel Safe in Any Relationship
    Free time
    Relax, read, swim

Tuesday - October 11

  • 6:30am

    Morning yoga
    Workshop #5 and Closing Circle: Break the Cycle of External Validation & Set Yourself Free
    Brunch and pack up

ticket options

The estate includes a main house, bungalow and smaller tea houses with a private pool and exercise room. We have the entire space to ourselves, but rooms will be shared with two or more people. All beds are twin. Price of retreat includes shared bedroom and bath. 

**Limited Space Available**

early bird

  • Register by 7/22
  • Includes shared accommodations, workshops, exercise/hikes, snacks and all meals .
  • Pricing plan available: 4 payments of $317. Select at check-out.


  • 7/23-9/26
  • Includes shared accommodations, workshops, exercise/hikes, snacks and all meals.
  • Pricing plan available: 3 payments of $533. Select at check-out.

late bird

  • 9/27-10/5
  • Includes shared accommodations, workshops, exercise/hikes, snacks and all meals.

the venue

A Beautiful Private Estate in Ojai!

The estate is located on two acres of private countryside nestled at the base of the foothills of the Los Padres National Forest, yet conveniently located within walking distance of Ojai's beautiful and charming downtown area, parks and hiking trails.

“What a wonderful place to have a workshop. So much peace and serenity. Tracy did a fabulous job creating the perfect environment for receiving and understanding the material. Can't wait for the next one!”
-Vivien S.

This is an opportunity to LET GO and make decisions based on what you truly want instead of what you think you should have.


Once you understand where your attachment comes from, and how it manifests in your life, below are some of the shifts you may experience:

* Understand the true difference between love and attachment
* Accept and embrace your partner's shortcomings... or move on
* Stop "playing to win," thinking every conversation needs a winner and a loser
* Become less reactive and defensive, operating from a place of confidence instead
* Spot red flags with other people, such as insconsistent behavior, and demand better
* Be able to give to yourself instead of relying on others (who can never truly give it to you anyway)
* Focus on your own behavior instead of thinking you can convince someone else to change theirs

Awareness is the first step to removing yourself from attachment.  Isn't it time you give yourself this gift?

“Tracy’s retreat really helped me forgive myself and recognize the core beliefs that were holding me back. It was also an opportunity to bond with other women who had similar challenges. I would absolutely recommend Tracy’s events for anyone who wants to get unstuck and change the subconscious beliefs that limit joy and living. Break through your brain!”
–Terri K.

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