Energetic Deep Cleaning

Better than a massage.

In resistance, tired, feel depleted or anxious?

I know when we feel this way, we lack clarity and motivation around the simple things (and the big choices too)….we could all use a shift!

Wow! Thank you!! That’s a ton of work and yes I do feel lighter. I thought it was the margarita, but they never worked that way before! Now I know why… thank you!! ~ Tracey

I offered this to a few of my weekly clients and these comments were their response. In fact, many started asking for the energy clearing outside of their regular scheduled appointments! I figured, why not offer this at a price most people could afford, so they could experience the benefits too.

“Thank you for your energy clearing!! Amazing feeling of lightness! Any top up, please feel free to send!!” ~Andreas

The session:

Energetic wash to release resistance. Look inside, see where resistance blocks you from living the life you want and feeling your feelings. Resistance is built on beliefs in the subconscious.


The energetic unblocking I perform in removing some of the walls in your subconscious are PERMANENT results! This is the most important thing this energy work will give to you (anywhere in the world), because it spells freedom.


You may also temporarily have the feeling of ease, relaxation and clarity, which will last as long as you allow it. In other words, if your habits and beliefs remain the same, then you will rebuild the energetic sludge over time.

I look into your energy to see what I can clean up to lighten your load, almost immediately you will feel a sense of peace, then I create permanent deletion of certain roadblocks within your energetic field.

You will feel completely at ease after this 15-minute session!

You can repeat this when necessary, all wrapped up in this space of love, peace, and safety. Join me.

Yesterday I woke up with sinus congestion and didn’t feel so great. While I was talking with someone all of a sudden my sinuses drained, it was very bizarre! Then I looked at my phone and saw your text message telling me what you had done with the energetic clearing!! Today I feel great! Thank you!!~Roberta

PRICE: 99.00

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After purchase, you will receive an email receipt/confirmation with a link to schedule your session. If you have any questions, please email info@tracycrossley.com.