Coach Tracey Archambeault

As a personal life coach I help people get unstuck by connecting their heart and their brain, and by guiding them to discover the limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior they have used to back themselves into a corner.

I’ve worked in entertainment all my life; mastering the art of wearing a mask and being what everyone needed me to be… always at the expense of myself. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was a people pleaser, constantly trying to read everyone around me in order to have my emotional needs met. And this actually made me very good at my job! People perceived me as cool and collected, but inside I was full of turmoil and anxiety.

It was through my own journey out of attachment and scarcity that I came to realize my ability and passion for helping others. I used to find myself completely stuck in my head, analyzing and strategizing my next moves, which never worked and only lead to pain and detachment. There is limitless freedom outside the box we lock ourselves into, and I want to share that with others, showing what’s possible when we are authentically ourselves.

Through my work with Tracy over the past two years, I have found a way off the hamster wheel; my thoughts no longer running my life. Instead of operating in reactive mode, I’m more emotionally connected to my heart and intuition, which brings me an immense feeling of peace and joy… something that was never there before.

I use the principles, strategies and techniques learned from Tracy to help people experience their own breakthroughs, transforming their lives into what they truly want.

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