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Chasing, Tripping And Falling Down

Have you ever found yourself running after something? Literally or metaphorically? As in, wanting something so bad, whether it wants you or not? It’s a single-minded attachment to having that person, place or thing, right? Often we may hide it. No one really knows what we deeply desire and so we covertly chase after it; […]

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Being Real Or Being Numb? Why It Matters.

Do you ever act or speak in ways to be accepted or looked to as someone who has your shit together? I mean, having the appearance of being ‘real’? Down to Earth? For years, people said that of me. I said that of me too. It wasn’t true. Being numb can seem like real or calm to […]

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What’s Your Weirdness EQ?

Everyone is weird. We’ve all heard that in so many quotes that have surfaced, right? Most people cringe when they think of how being weird might negatively affect them. What is a weirdness EQ? It’s your ability to emotionally handle your weirdness! Yes, I made it up, but wouldn’t that be cool if there was […]

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