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Letting Your Heart Take the Wheel

Hello my friends! In my last blog I mentioned that I am starting to live more from my heart space rather than my head space. I have certainly utilized my head a whole lot to move through my life, and it has served me well to a certain point. I like organization to a degree,

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Pursuing Happiness Can Make You Miserable

Written By Cristina DiMeglio Hello Friends! OK, hear me out on this one as I may push the envelope a bit. We have all heard that life is the pursuit of happiness, right?  I have too. In fact, I ask the question simply because I have been chasing this idea of happiness my whole life.

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What’s Your Weirdness EQ?

Everyone is weird. We’ve all heard that in so many quotes that have surfaced, right? Most people cringe when they think of how being weird might negatively affect them. What is a weirdness EQ? It’s your ability to emotionally handle your weirdness! Yes, I made it up, but wouldn’t that be cool if there was

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