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It’s Complicated

Why do we human beings complicate the crap out of everything? We’re bored. It’s what we know. We like drama. We’re not good enough or worthy. We’re afraid of abandonment. And so on. It’s a circle of hell. I moved this week and even though I’m self-proclaimed as the queen of disorganization, I’m also pretty […]

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Written By Cristina DiMeglio Divinity, to me is arms spread wide open universal threads weaving harmonies through my ribs like a bow to a violin. Divinity, to me is springing forth from the power in my toes, leaping into quantum matter into the abyss of humanity dancing with shadows turning phantoms, into LOVE! The alchemy of […]

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The Process of Awakening

Written By Cristina DiMeglio When your belief systems start to shift and your perspective changes,  you will undoubtedly notice your surroundings change as well. This includes all the people directly involved in your life. In my own awakening process, I remember being so afraid of going to seminars/workshops that made promises of “shifts” taking place […]

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