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Why Trying To Avoid Pain Doesn’t Make you Happy

Pain sucks. No one likes it, but those who are securely attached deal with it as part of life while Avoidants go to great lengths in an effort to avoid it. Who are avoidants or those who are anxious avoidants? In the world of insecure attachment, these people are the ones who wanted nothing to […]

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Why Self-Development Books Are Failing You And What You Can Do Today!

How many times have you read books, searching for strategies to help with some part of your life you’d like to improve, but you see no results? Maybe you’re inspired as you read, connecting with different parts saying, “yes, yes!” in your head, feeling like you’ve finally found some answers. But as much as you […]

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Navigating From Insecure Attachment To The Awkwardness of Dating

Even as you make strides in your own growth, you experience hiccups. You find yourself in a ‘same old situation,’ but feel differently, with fledgling confidence in your newer tools. With growing assurance what may have felt impossible in the past, can still make you choke a bit as you state your truth. Remember to be prepared for people not […]

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