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People who live in compartments.

Live in fear. Many unknowingly, stuff emotions, people or situations into compartments. They focus on something else, whether it’s work, exercise or drinking oneself to death to keep these finely constructed walls in place. The false sense of protection and strength of their compartments masks the weakness and true desires of a person. Compartments affect a person emotionally, spiritually […]

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Teaching People How to Treat Us

Got a complaint? See the round file to the left. Words. Words used to convey displeasure with no solution, become words with no meaning. It’s almost like the drone of ocean waves on your radio, lulling you into a coma. Except when you complain with the hope of change happening, the drone upsets and creates “defensive” drama rather than calm. Don’t like […]

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What do you wanna do?

How often are you in the midst of a conversation with someone and the words, “I wanna do that someday,” come dribbling out, either as an exclamation or with poignancy as though that SOMEDAY may never come. Guess what? More often than not, it won’t come. It’ll stay stuck in recesses of your mental filing cabinet under “fantasy; […]

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