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The Curse Of Intelligence

Living in your head, ‘intellectually’ got it all figured out. You know what’s coming, because you get the nuances life has to offer….and know what each situation calls for in response. It’s not a fun way to live; there’s rare surprises and even rarer variation from the rigidity of holding to the way you do things […]

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Letting Your Heart Take the Wheel

Hello my friends! In my last blog I mentioned that I am starting to live more from my heart space rather than my head space. I have certainly utilized my head a whole lot to move through my life, and it has served me well to a certain point. I like organization to a degree, […]

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3 Ways to be Miserable

Written By Cristina DiMeglio Being Miserable is easy. It takes no effort to be miserable. Why? You live your life at “face-value.” It means, you willingly subscribe to almost any belief that puts you in a position to be de-valued. It’s almost as if being miserable is what the “cool kids” are doing these days. All you […]

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