In the vein of being who I truly am, I share with you my passion in life. Writing has brought me face to face with myself and has been a vessel of healing, transformation, and deep surrendering.~  Written By Cristina DiMeglio



I might as well
Burn up in flames
For everything
I thought I was
For everything
I thoughtTomasz Alen Kopera art painting
I stood for
Is peeling away
Like old, tired paint
I told you before
I wasn’t lost
I am only on my way


This chaos only looks crazy
But even in this
There is a divine intelligence
To be aware
To integrate
To transform
Into embers
willingly surrendering
to the dust
of the cosmic infinite


I feel small
when sitting by the ocean
When among
the magnificence of nature
But my Soul is not small
It is the stuff of comets!
And I will not be made to feel small
By you
By anyone
I will blaze across the sky
like a burning sapphire
But burning away
Every part of me
Unrecognizable to those
Who are committed to making me anything but who I really am.

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