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Coaching Vs. Therapy: My Intuitive Approach

I’m often asked if my coaching style is different from therapy… and if so, how? The short answer is yes, it’s very different. First of all, I do not diagnose and treat mental illness or psychological conditions. That is left to the licensed professionals, which I am not. I view traditional talk therapy as more […]

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When You’re Triggered In A Relationship

No matter how much work you’ve done on yourself, shit can still come up, especially if you’re in a relationship where you don’t know if you’re coming or going. Intimate relationships present all sorts of triggers—ones you thought you have already dealt with, ones you knew about but have avoided and brand spankin’ new ones […]

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How to Connect When It’s The Last Thing You Want To Do.

As people we have a choice: connect or disconnect. Some of us have been disconnecting from a very early age because it feels safe. But it leaves us empty. We may be in control when we’re disconnected, living our lives through our intellect, but we become anxious and unfulfilled. From the outside everything looks ok, but […]

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