What Is Intuitive Reinvention?

tracy-crossleyMany of us live in our head where we can rationalize what we don’t understand about ourselves and others. I know because I’ve been there. Sorry, folks, it doesn’t work. The key to moving past obstacles is dropping the focus downward, into that emotional place where our intuition lives. It’s not about changing who we are; it’s about understanding and accepting ALL of us—even the weird, quirky bits. We get to re-write our story to become happier, more authentic versions of ourselves. That’s intuitive reinvention.

What is Attachment?

First, let’s look at secure attachment, which is emotional availability. It’s being supportive, feeling safe inside and able to see a relationship as imperfect, not the answer to your inner pain. It stems from healthy attachment to your parents as a child, with them meeting your emotional and social development needs.

Insecure attachment starts with a lack of trust as a child that you would be taken care of emotionally, and you carry that into your adult relationships. This leads to a distrust of your feelings, the intentions of others, your value and the seeking of safety. Unfortunately what feels “safe” is not true safety, but rather the comfort zone of what you know (thanks, subconscious!). In romantic relationships this can show up as a lack of emotional intimacy (which feels unsafe), the creation of checkboxes for the “perfect mate” (which keeps you single), becoming needy (which pushes the other person away), etc. In work it can manifest as being unhappy in your current job (or lack thereof), but not taking steps to change it because the unknown is so scary. Safe and miserable trumps uncertainty EVEN if it can lead to better things… so you stay stuck.

These situations often leave you in a state of anxiety because everything inside and out feels so out of control. Nothing is safe, so autopilot takes you back to what you felt as a child when you were vulnerable, and you bring forth those feelings as an adult. Insecure attachment has many layers and infiltrates more areas of your life than you’re likely aware of. I help peel back those elusive layers, working with your subconscious to illuminate what’s been hidden emotionally to get at the root of your attachment.

Why Tracy?

I strongly believe in energy work and the power of intuition, which I combine with my background in psychology and hard-earned personal experience. My approach is direct, and some clients are surprised by how quickly I zero in on what’s going on. The road to overcoming obstacles is not through your head, so I’ll lead you out of the intellectual haze and into where true shifting happens. It’s time to drop that emotional armor and kick anxiety to the curb. Read more about my journey.

“You walk your talk. It’s relatable and it’s kind and it’s funny. It’s also humble and refreshing. You take the crazy train and put it back on the rails!” –Cindy

Who Needs Tracy?

My clients run the gamut from CEOs to men and women in work/life transition to those who can’t let go of a relationship. Most think they can intellectualize their way out of problems or situations. They don’t have time to dilly dally and are frustrated when unable to “fix” things or figure it out. Many have read books (like, a lot of books), taken workshops and even seen therapists… but still nothing has shifted.

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