Zahara Zimring

#510 – Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Zahara Zimring

Zahara has lived many lifetimes in her life. She was an elite martial artist at a young age until she had to have a spinal fusion surgery at 13. Despite being told she wouldn’t come back, she did. She trained until she could walk, waled until she could run, run until she could kick, and trained to go to the Olympics until she was in her 20s. A double kidney infection took her out of the sport, and she had to shed her identity as an elite martial artist. She became the executive director of marketing for one of the biggest baseball agencies when she was 25. She let that job go after she discovered her passion for facilitating groups and holding space for people. She’s been helping people finding what they’re passionate about since then.

Here’s what we talked about:
-Her elite martial artist journey
-Her many death processes she has experienced in her life
-How she became addicted to prescription drugs
-Finding something to be passionate about in the darkest moment
-Struggling with co-dependency
-Rebirthing from nothing

Here’s more about Zahara:

Zahara Zimring is a transformational coach, liberation artist, evolutionary astrologer and ceremonialist. She is the creator of the Liberation Dojo, a signature experience that shatters limitation and offers a safe space to expand beyond fear-based behavior patterns, while activating dormant gifts and being held in community. Once an elite martial artist and Olympic hopeful who ultimately overcame a debilitating spinal fusion, Zahara is passionate about helping others turn trauma into triumph and wounding into warrior wisdom.

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