It’s My Story

#514 – Journey Of Attachment: It’s My Story and I’m Sticking to It!

Do you ever find yourself saying, “This always happens to me,” or “I never get what I want?” or “I have the worst luck!”? You think they are truths, but they are just stories you tell yourself. Then you go around collecting evidence to prove they’re true. Maybe your story is that relationships are hard work, riddled with drama (that used to be one of mine). So what happens? You choose relationships where you have to work hard in order to prove your story right, although you’re usually unaware you’re doing it… or why you’re doing it. The sad part about these stories is they are self-limiting because you unconsciously decide what is possible for yourself. But when you become aware of your stories, you can change them.

Humans have a hard time being neutral. Our biases and perspective, based on our childhood and life experiences, shape how we view the world. But if you step into someone else’s shoes, you can imagine a different perspective. Maybe you know someone who is lucky—things tend to work out for them. They have probably chosen a very different story about themselves, and you can too. This episode is about flipping your perspective and challenging your stories so you stop collecting evidence that they’re true. Once you do that, you can write a new one.

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