#507 – Journey Of Attachment: It’s Synchronicity! We’re Meant to Be Together

Everything is connected. But sometimes we get confused about what that means. We use moments of synchronicity to confirm our story, not reality. We put all this weight and importance on a few signs from the universe, assigning meaning based on what we want to see. This often results in a lot of waiting… and misery. It’s how people end up waiting for their “soul mate” to wake up and realize what has been right in front of them the whole time. Sadly it doesn’t happen. Connection is created through love and abundance, not fear and scarcity.

If you ever dated someone who you really clicked with, then he/she started pulling away, perhaps you started to look for signs that you’re meant to be together. You know the same circle of people, like the same flavor of ice cream and grew up near each other. Your astrological chart even says you’re a perfect match. You’re so in sync… he/she must be the one! So you don’t date anyone else and you wait. For years, maybe. Does he/she ever come around? No. In this episode you’ll learn that synchronicity is an inside job, not a bunch of external signs. It comes FROM connection, not in trying to create connection to match your story. Before you pin your hopes on a series of synchronous signs, listen to this podcast.

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