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#505 – Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Meghan Wallace James

Meghan’s dad was very insistent on her getting a degree in engineering. She moved to New York to go to Parsons, where she met her ex-husband. They moved out to LA, and her life changed completely. She went from being a designer in New York from being a stay at home mom in LA. She started studying Reiki, and eventually, she discovered Feng Shui. After her husband asked for the divorce, she struggled financially and worried about being able to provide for her children. Her phone started ringing soon enough after friends and family started noticing her Feng Shui work in her own place, and her business has been growing ever since.

Here’s what we talked about:

-Why her dad forced her to get an engineering degree
-Being attached to outcomes
-How she started her business out of pure necessity
-Going through a difficult divorce
-How Feng Shui aligns every area of life
-How your house reflects the presence of sensuality in a home

Here’s more about Meghan:
Meghan Wallace James, a Los Angeles–based feng shui consultant, has designed a modern take on the practice, with a particularly intriguing goal—it might help improve your sex life. She fell in love with feng shui three years ago, thanks to a trio of events: a cross-country move, a home renovation, and a sudden divorce. A former engineer and fashion designer, she created her technique with patience, time, and bold experimentation, making sure to listen to her home and possessions while researching the core principles. To test her process, she sent an email to the mothers at her son’s preschool offering free consults. “Via those consults, I discovered that, one, I am a baby whisperer and can get kids to sleep through the night by rearranging their bedrooms, and two, that sensuality within a home is pivotal and primordial, for, in its absence, the energy is soggy and weak.” It was those initial consults that allowed her to create her modern take on feng shui: a “passionate trifecta” of space, style, and sex, which applies to every one of her clients.

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