insecurities limit your life

#504 – Journey Of Attachment: Stop Letting Insecurities Limit Your Life

What flaw are you constantly trying to hide? What holds you back from what you want in life? What do you beat yourself up about regularly? Maybe it’s your thighs, or your education level, or your salary, or the fact that you’re single. Insecurity is just another form of problem-solving. You believe if the problem (i.e. insecurity) were to go away, everything would be fine. The path ahead would be clear of obstacles: “If I just had a college degree, I’d be able to get a better job.” Uh… not exactly. Getting rid of your flaws does not bring you closer to happiness—accepting them does.

When you focus on your insecurities, you actually create obstacles because it distracts you from achieving what you want. You miss out on the life you could be living because you’re so fixated on solving what you THINK is the problem. But what then? Will you automatically be happier when your thighs are skinny, or you finally get into a relationship? Nope, and you will find other insecurities to focus on. In this episode you’ll learn steps toward accepting your flaws so you no longer use them as an excuse for not having what you want. It’s a powerful exercise in self-compassion and self-love.

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