5 Ways To Empower Your Life For The Better

5 Ways To Empower Your Life For The Better


Relationships rule our lives.

We may get out of bed each morning, dreading interaction with someone during the day. We may spend time ruminating over negative feelings and feel uninspired to believe we can actually change something.

Thinking of the “what ifs” can disempower us from making decisions in our daily lives, and therefore we stay stuck in a monotonous circle.

The only power to make changes in our lives resides within us, and requires a shift in our perception of reality. How easy is it to do?

It is only through our deepest desire that we can sustain the energy it takes to empower our relationships and our lives.

Wanting to empower ourselves for a better life takes the following:

Step #1: It takes commitment; we must understand our level of deserving before we can truly commit to the process of creating a better life. If we do not feel deep inside (based on our beliefs) that we deserve more than settling or struggle, we need to be aware that we’re in a state of resistance to good coming our way.

Step #2: It’s not all about us. The thoughts in our head rarely have anything to do with another person’s perception of reality. We assume we know their intention and why they do what they do, but in reality we don’t and we never will…. even if they tell us.

Why is this the case?

Think about how often our mind changes, how skewed our intention can be from one minute to the next when emotions influence our thoughts. Many people lack the self-awareness to understand that half the stories they tell themselves are B.S. and the individuals with self-awareness need to understand that assuming anything about anyone is just a way of avoiding ourselves.

Step #3: Take responsibility for all thoughts and actions we initiate. This means we have control over our lives. When we place blame outside of us, we become a victim who doesn’t have the tools to create because there is always something stopping us. Freeing ourselves from what we try to manipulate will result in an opening of our heart and mind to possibilities (rather than living in the belief that what we want is impossible).

Step #4: Get clear on what we actually want. This comes from knowing who we are, which is actually a question most people cannot answer about themselves. Many of us have been conditioned to believe we are someone else, through whatever strategies we identified with as a matter of survival or gaining attention as a child. We have forgotten what we actually love, where our joy is ignited, and may not trust the desires we have as nothing more than a passing fancy.

Showing up in all parts of our lives as the same person, rather than in different roles to suit the player, will bring about a dynamic potency to our vision. The clearer our intention, the better our lives will become.

Step #5: Be in the present moment. Not only do we need to know who we are so we can be clear on what we want… we must also bring our entire selves into the moment. When we’re checked out, we are not empowered and we’re not actually engaged in what we’re doing or how we’re interacting, and therefore we’re unable to feel connected.

Removing the compartments and accepting what currently is in our lives will allow us to be authentic, and to make decisions from a clear, connected and centered place within us. It gives us the opportunity to empower ourselves with our actions, words and choices in the current moment—when we are “wholly” present.

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