#487 – Journey of Attachment: If He or She is Nice to You, Can You Handle It?

Recently, by looking at myself and where I used to be, I’ve had a big realization: I’ve come so far in my journey of attachment. I listen to others who are trying to salvage relationships with people who it is “square peg/round hole” situations and the pain, the suffering and hope that this could somehow turn into something which feels good is a motivator. The big issue is that you aren’t being nice to yourself and I guarantee you may not feel your date or mate is being nice to you either.

In my relationship, my husband cares about my feelings, and he does nice things for me all the time. At an earlier point in my life, I would’ve been waiting for the big reveal, for the moment he realizes that I’m worthless. Meanwhile, I would’ve done everything that I could to prove I was worthy of someone being good to me. All that work, all the time left me always feeling like I just had to do more; it was a constant push/pull. I’ve learned how to break my own patterns of self-sabotage and receive love and attention. As I have grown, I care about my own feelings, I care what I give and what I receive; I am all about feeling good and having that reflected by handling someone being nice to me.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to love and accept yourself, so you can finally be ready for a happy, healthy relationship.

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