#484 – Journey Of Attachment: My Life is a Mess. No, It’s Not.

Your life isn’t a fairytale, who’s is? For some of us we have this sneaky little habit. It’s called looking for problems, all the time and you probably don’t even know it! Perhaps, you’re someone who looks for problems as a distraction. If you were to look at your life objectively, do you really have any major problems? I get it if you do, absolutely! Sometimes things happen that are to be dealt with and you have no choice. But I am talking about where you do have a choice, where if you were to focus on the good in your life you would realize there is not a real problem. And that is where you want to have awareness, the awareness of how you create problems with impossible solutions to keep you from looking inside and figuring out what’s really going on.

With everything happening in the world right now that’s out of your control, you might be feeling like a victim of circumstances. You might wake up every day afraid and anxious, watching the news, social media, anything that can feed right into how you feel these reactive feelings. Often though there is no looking beneath the reactions you feel, instead it’s an avoidance of what is really going on inside. It is how you avoid what triggers you or why you feel out of control on the inside, so it just keeps you in a cycle of repetition. Looking at the same reactions every day and calling that the problem rather than digging deeper to see what is really going on!

In today’s podcast, I’ll show you that your life isn’t really a mess, but a distraction. You’ll learn to grow up and live your life without fear weighing you down.

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